New Year and New Records

Icon for AoR RecordsWell we are only a week into the New Year and already I find myself with a longer than usual list of new AoR club records and a few new personal best scores to report.

The club shot a recorded Fita 25 (Triple Face) on the 29th December and as this was a round that was new to a lot of people a number of new club records were set.  Moving into the New Year and the club shot a Portsmouth on the 5th January in preparation for the tournament this coming weekend.  Despite this being an old favourite round for the club, some archers still managed to push the boundaries a little further.

So who where the lucky archers and who deserve a mention today:

29th December 2013 – Fita 25 (Triple Face)

  • John Marshall shot a 159 to set a new Senior Gents Longbow club record.
  • Martin Davis shot a 294 to claim a new Senior Gents Barebow club record.
  • Imogen Neville posted a 371 for the Junior Ladies U16 Recurve club record.
  • Amber Wilkins continued her fine form with a nice 453 and a new club record for the Junior Ladies U18 category.
  • Neill Case opted to shoot a Portsmouth and claimed a new club record with his Traditional Recurve bow and a nice 330.

5th January 2014 – Portsmouth
With the Portsmouth being a favourite round at AoR and now well into this indoor season, you would not expect to see new clubs records being broken on a regular basis.  However, to underline the dedication and progress being made by some of our archers, I am pleased to announce three new club records and three nice personal bests – So no less than six people starting the New Year with a smile:

  • John Marshall set a new Longbow club record with a 389.
  • Kevin Wood continues to raise the American Flatbow bar with a new senior gent club record (349).
  • Ruby Paul seems set to rewrite the clubs record books and she is not content with simply breaking records. To start the year, she has pushed her own club record up to 490 for the Junior Ladies U14 category.  She’ll be in action this Sunday at the tournament and I’ll have my fingers crossed that she can break the magic 500 on the day.
  • Ryan Abbott has put some additional coaching at Aim 4 Sport to good use and he raised his personal best to 406, shooting Recurve.
  • Ralph Franklin posted a new personal best with a fine 507, shooting Recurve.
  • Tony Pinney continues to raise his personal bar with a great 534, shooting Recurve.

Given the length of time all of the above archers have been shooting (and some moving to new disciplines towards the end of last year (2013)), these are some brilliant results and I look forward to seeing more indoor round records being set and broken over the next couple of months.



About Martyn Phillips

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