AoR Open Portsmouth Tournament

AoR Open Portsmouth 2015

AoR Open Portsmouth 2015 – (c) M4Photo.

Today was Archers of Raunds 37th Annual Open Portsmouth tournament.  To include three Portsmouth rounds, the day would be busy from start to finish, not least owing to the fact that two of the sessions were sold out.

Being held indoors meant not considerations for the weather, but it was still an early start.  The range had been laid out the day before so it was just a case of setting up a few last minute things, putting some signs out and making sure that the judges were happy with the range.

AoR has the luxury of a strong membership of people willing to help and  core group who are knowledgeable and able to manage the team.  This mix resulted in no issues when the judges cast their eyes over the range.

With Geoff taking control of the range and Richard managing the event as Tournaments Officer, it was left for me to take the lead for the assembly.  Our judges were Val, Heather and candidate just David and they would work together to ensure everyone had a trouble free and enjoyable day.

The first two sessions passed with out anything to really report about.  It was all standard tournament stuff and you would not know that many of the competitors were new to AoR and a handful even taking on their first full tournament.  The third session passed equally without incident, although everyone in the hall were well aware that we had the privilege of hosting not one but two International Junior Archers.  Bradley is a frequent and welcome face on the shooting line, but he was joined by Jessica Nilsson who has represented Sweden.

As usual with the full day, the clearing away and awards were rushed so that we could vacate the hall for 18.00.  I would therefore like to apologise to the archers who stayed for the awards and who felt that they were a little rushed.  We will no doubt have a debrief, but other than reducing the shoot to just two sessions timing will always be our gremlin.

Time aside, I’d like to thank everyone who took part, I’d like to thank the AoR members that helped to make sure that the tournament went without a hitch and to Richard for a tournament well executed.

AoR 2015 Open Portsmouth Gallery

AoR 2015 Open Portsmouth Gallery

Finally, I am pleased to confirm that the photographs that I took during the day are now available from  Several of you who competed asked about the photographs and how to get copies.

Please refer to my website and please drop me a line to if you would like to order digital .jpg files or prints.

Well done to everyone that took part.  The final results will be published to the AoR website over the next few days and I’ll let you all know when via this blog.




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