Portsmouth – Sold Out

Archery CompetitionIt has been tough filling tournaments over the last couple years and we have seen a number of tournaments cancelled or under attended.  The AoR annual indoor Portsmouth tournament has always been a firm favourite and despite the harder times, it has always been full on the day.

However, this year we are back to normal and, with Richard and the AoR team’s hard work, the tournament has filled ahead of the tournament day and by the application closing day – congratulations to Richard on a job well done.

This means that the club will have a full day on Sunday and AoR will be pleased to welcome back many friends and new archers from around the region and as far afield as Brighton.

For those of you who are interested, the target list is now available online and this will also be posted on the walls on Sunday.

Unfortunately, other commitments will keep me away from the club this weekend but I wish the AoR team all the best for the tournament and I know that they will do their usual great job at hosting this major club level event.  I also wish everyone taking part the very best of luck and I look forward to hearing about personal best scores being achieved and records being set – please email me if you are fortunate enough to set either.



About Martyn Phillips

I am the Business Development Manager for Revelation Software Limited and Sprezzatura. Based out of Ealing, London, we specialise in the development and supply of tools and technologies to design, develop and deploy MultiValue based Desktop, LAN, WAN and Web based database solutions. I am passionate about MultiValue technologies and what they continue to do for modern businesses. Continually frustrated by the budgets blown on other technologies, MultiValue technologies are helping me to help organisations to build cost effective, scalable and relaible business solutions. I am a keen archer in my spare time and I am currently Chairman of Archers of Raunds and Level One Archery GB coach.
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