New Club Coach

As many of you will know, I have been mentoring Tony Pinney over the last few months and I am pleased to now be able to congratulate him on achieving his Archery GB Level One coaching qualification.

It is great to have another qualified coach available to club members and to take beginners courses.  As head coach and wit ha seat on the club’s committee, Tony will be taking the lead role going forward and building on the good work that he has done in recent weeks to inject some fun into Friday’s sessions and to introduce bring a friend and other have a go sessions.

I personally look forward to working with Tony as part of his team and to continue to assist him in any way that I can.

Becoming a coach is extremely rewarding and it doe not have to impact heavily on your time or shooting.  In fact coaches often find that it helps their shooting discipline and their technique for personal gain.  If you are interested in also becoming one of the club coaches (and we could use a couple more coaches), then please talk to Tony or me one Friday evening.

Congratulations Tony,on a job well done.


About Martyn Phillips

I am the Business Development Manager for Revelation Software Limited and Sprezzatura. Based out of Ealing, London, we specialise in the development and supply of tools and technologies to design, develop and deploy MultiValue based Desktop, LAN, WAN and Web based database solutions. I am passionate about MultiValue technologies and what they continue to do for modern businesses. Continually frustrated by the budgets blown on other technologies, MultiValue technologies are helping me to help organisations to build cost effective, scalable and relaible business solutions. I am a keen archer in my spare time and I am currently Chairman of Archers of Raunds and Level One Archery GB coach.
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