Outdoor classifications – A beginners guide

At the recent AGM certificates were handed out to people who had achieved their next Portsmouth award and to those that had achieved a classification in the 2016 outdoor shooting season.

A few people came up to me and asked what the system was for, what a “first” was or a “bowman”. This guide is for you and our newer members which are just starting their first outdoor season.

So what is a “classification”?

When shooting outdoors the classification scheme is used as a method of reviewing your progress and gives you a target to aim for.

The classification is awarded at the end of each outdoor season if you shoot 3 qualifying scores in competitions. This includes our Sunday competition round.

The classifications, from easiest to obtain to most difficult, are third class, second Class, first Class, bowman, master bowman and grand master bowman (NB: juniors are awarded junior bowman and junior master bowman instead. There is no gmb qualification for juniors).

The scores required change depending on the round shot, age and gender. This levels the playing field and makes it easier to compare progress between other archers of any age or gender.

A list of the required scores can be found in THIS DOCUMENT
The classification list works as follows:

  • The bow class is listed at the top of each page.
  • Each column represents a particular round as described at the top of the column.
  • Each row provides the gender or age of the individual and the score required for each classification.

    So you know the score you need and the round.  But you have no clue what the rounds consistent of? I have tables for that as well…

    Please click HERE for a list of the rounds at sections 1.1 and 1.2

    The above tables list the amount of arrows (in dozens) you need to shoot at each distance for that particular round.

    So now you have all the information you need to try and obtain your target classification this outdoor season. I look forward to hearing how you get on.

    In addition to the outdoor classifications there are also a few other awards. I would recommend reading the shooting administrative procedures for further information. A list of awards can be found at section 6 HERE

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

    (A final note: master and grandmaster bowman classifications can ONLY be achieved at record status competitions. This applies to both juniors and seniors).

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